Custom Media and Design.


Keeping up with the latest social media technologies and platforms can be overwhelming. Oden Marketing can help you create professional profiles, implement consistent posting, and manage multiple pages that will expand your online presence, build your brand, and bring more clients to your website.

Specific services include (but not limited to): 

Initial profile development, content creation, content management, posting/scheduling of messages, campaigns/contests, monitoring, social interaction and monthly reporting.


A company’s image is the very foundation of the business. A client can make a business decision based on appearance alone and may undervalue a company’s credibility if the imagery doesn’t appear to be professional. 


Specific services include (but not limited to): 

Letterheads, web/logo design, business cards and collateral materials including flyers, brochures and more!


Well-defined and strategic communications are a crucial part of business. You must have strong messaging and communications skills in order to effectively promote products and services to potential customers. Oden Marketing can help companies develop messaging that can effectively communicate benefits and identify your unique selling points (USP). 


Specific services include (but not limited to): 

Public relations, copywriting, newsletters and social media.